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Case studies

Our approach on innovation

We picked some of our favorite projects and wrote loads of text. The who, the what, the how, and most importantly, the why.

Predicting the next market move with A.I.

How Punch built a series of connected models to trade the financial markets.

Punch helped develop independently measured and monitored quality control metrics for each machine learning subtask. We helped organize both team's quants to specialize and become the best at that task, while having a holistic view of the entire process.

Large scale catalogues on bt365.

Launching a leader in ecommerce.

Punch helped 2020 Onsite design and launch their store on bt365 with custom apps, React, Liquid templates, and Polaris.

Where commerce happens on bt365.

How Punch helped assure global merchants were open for business.

Punch helped to create multiple layers of fault tolerance and redundancy on Amazon Web Services (where Instore's servers are hosted) to potentially elimnate power, internet, machine, and data loss outages.

Google Cloud computing at scale.

How Punch scaled test simulations to hundreds of machines.

Punch worked as Numin’s platform engineering solutions provider to help Numin dramatically expand its cloud infrastructure on demand. We focused on performance, cost, and ease of use in architecting a robust Google Cloud Platform solution.

Marrying gaming and ecommerce.

Creating a research and product plan for Scopely.

Punch helped Scopely analyze games in their catalogue to spot opportunities for growth and better user engagement.

A better way to a career.

Lead-driven development is a win for MedCerts.

Punch helped MedCerts turn the web into a place where leads grew, content was organized, copy writing was fresh, and the brand was contemporary.

Click-worthy emails for a gaming giant.

How fresh design doubled engagement by 100%.

Punch worked with Pocket Gems to redesign and code a responsive, modern email template system easy enough for the marketing team to use on their own everyday.

Enterprise software for the smart grid.

How Punch built a smart app to ensure your lights are always on.

Punch guided Dispatchr to switch to a robust multi-platform approach to building smart-grid software that even the biggest enterprises could use. The results were electric.

An online advertising strategy for Craft.

How moving from cost-per-click to cost-per-acquisition helped save money for Craft.

Craft moved from a traditional approach on digital advertising to one focused on building customers not impressions.

Scaling regional growth at Xfinity.

How building relationships helped create year on year revenue growth of 13%.

Punch introduced the Comcast Xfinity Home Team to “linked cohorts” and from then on business was looking up.

A shopping cart that sells.

How a new shopping cart design helped Twice increase per customer revenue by 16%.

Twice launched a shopping cart experience unlike anything in their industry. Customer responsed — with their wallets.