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What makes a good client advisors?


Client advisors needs to base decisions and answers on their past experiences and a fiduciary leaning so that a client knows all the facts. In a world where everyone can promise the moon, a good advisor promises what is possible.


The time from first contact to first line of code or first design needs to be as short as possible. Client advisors at Punch work to communicate quickly and be available at any time. With speed, everyone can get started in creating great things.


When a client needs help, an advisor provides appropriate and correct solutions applying a well-worn method: the Goldilocks principle. A client should be able to trust that advice and planning are neither too much nor too little, so that work can proceed smoothly and accurately.


An advisor needs to be able to speak openly and freely with a client. This is the most crucial skill and one that everyone appreciates. This turns the advisor into a guide and leader in decision making at the earliest stages of a project.


A client advisor needs to have knowledge on sundry topics. Whether it be design, marketing, business strategy, engineering, production, manufacturing, financing, fundraising, or what else a client might need, an advisor must be intelligent enough to find the answers or people to guide everyone to a decision (and the space between dots can be connected).

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